Buy More, Save More!

¡Compre más ahorre más!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are having a buy more save more sale. It's true, the more you buy the more you save. To lay it out here, we have 3 simple tiers of price discounts to help you save. 

When your order reaches $120 or more you get 25% off your order. Just add the discount code 25% in the discount code box at checkout.

Maybe you are in the $79.00 range, then by all means take 15% off your order. Add 15% at checkout.

It is possible you are testing the waters, and that is fine too! So if you are at least in the range of $49 order then you get 10% off your order. Again just add 10% at checkout in the discount code box.

See how easy and fun this is? We hope so. We want you to have fun shopping at, finding the items you want and love to help make you feel yummy. is always adding new and fun inventory, from women's dresses to men's swimwear and many items in between. And do not forget to check out our accessories collections. We have some great body and bath products too! From delicious smelling and relaxing massage oils to candles and more.

And guys and girls, do not forget when you spend at $49 plus, you get FREE shipping! And that is every day, all the time. No codes required.

From the sexy to the relaxing to the comfortable, we have it all. Yummy your day, yummy your night, we want you to #Be You #Be Yummy

Have a question? No problem just send us an email to: or reach out to us on the live chat. You can even leave your question on the live chat, but do not forget to leave your email so we can reply back. : )

We're going to start adding more blogs to We are thinking some product reviews and opinions as well as perhaps other topics that involve the fashions in our store. We hope you will interact with us and keep coming back to shop at, we appreciate all our customers and look forward to seeing you.


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