Leggings by 365me Shapewear

Leggings by 365me Shapewear

Ladies, shop our collection of leggings by 365me shapewear.

365me Shapewear is a new experience in your daily life in the world of shapewear that shapes your figure not only because we use elastic and very soft materials but also because our sewing method is delicate and subtle. Powernet is the quintessential material in this new collection which helps shape your figure as soon as you put on one of our pieces. Delicate seams at strategic points such as your hips will delicately enhance your most sensual attributes. Come and try the wonderful 365 Shapewear today.

Leggings Luna

leggings luna 365me shapewearMicrofiber leggings, with reinforce of Powernet on legs and waist for better control and coverage. Natural lifting. Bra not included. Sizes Small up to 2XL.


Leggings Zoe

Microfiber Leggings. Powernet reinforced on waistband and legs for total coverage and control. Enhancement of hip. Bra not included. Sizes Small up to 2XL.

365me shapewear leggings


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