Mememe Women's Underwear

Mememe Women's Underwear

A New Form of underwear made for free and active women. We turn picking panties into an exciting story and a little adventure for everyday; our designers bring daring ideas and fantasies to life in different collections to reflect the unlimited amount of woman’s emotions. We prove the point that the perfect panties can be comfortable, universal, and safe and at the same time eye-catching, colorful, and unique, providing a feeling of empowerment, femininity and freedom for every woman who wears it. Flawless cut and flat seams create a perfect fit, and thanks to that, our underwear feels like a second skin. They are comfortable with soft edges, no elastic bands, or labels, forget about marks on the skin or any discomfort during your day. Our panties are universal for any situation. Its elasticity and durability allow you to perform each of your daily activities without any problem. They stretch in all directions for total freedom of movement. The modern fabric we use is made for maximum comfort, removes moist, dries fast, doesn’t absorb smells, and keeps body thermoregulation. These panties breathe and thus guarantee the safety and positive sensations all day long; they´re soft, delicate, and nice to touch.

Two models: hipsters and thongs, Three sizes: S, M, L. Mid-Rise.

Bright and juicy colors of our prints: Are applied with quality safe dryer; don’t fade or wash out, don’t leave traces on skin or clothes, don’t cause irritation or allergy.

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