Men's Jockstraps for style and support

Men's Jockstraps for style and support

Let's talk about Jockstraps, which are a very popular item in our store at

Jockstraps are a very unique men's fashion item. Indeed they are just as much underwear now as they were more back in the day just used for the gym and when playing sports. 

Jockstraps have become so popular and with manufacturers creating new and innovative styles with unique patterns and colors through out the year it is no wonder that they have become a go to piece of stylish new underwear that men enjoy wearing and want to add to their underwear drawer.

Generally the purpose of a jockstrap is to be supportive of your male parts and to suppress excessive motion. Now that is not to say that you cannot get these same benefits from a supportive pair of briefs or certain pouch underwear. But the major difference in the jockstrap is the fully exposed back side. For various reasons a lot of guys are looking for this less is more minimalist style of underwear. 

Some of the new breed of jockstraps not only cradle and support but also help emphasize that "masculine profile". An enhanced look of your male parts if you will, sometimes creating that bulge affect. Whether you are wearing shorts, athletic pants, pants or no matter what you are wearing, it can create that extra profile enhancement you are looking for as well as being comfortable to wear. And also do not forget you have the straps that go around and under your butt cheeks, which may provide a little extra lift in helping keep and enhance your "bubble butt" profile. It is not only the woman that want a nice looking rear end!

We have so many great styles of Men's underwear and Jockstraps being one of them. If you have not considered Jockstraps as an option, perhaps you should take a look at the styles we have today! With amazing colors, style and comfortable materials. They are not for every guy, but they may be for you. Along with all our other great Men's underwear styles to choose from, perhaps a couple from each collection will serve you well!

Great styles and patterns from Jor, Pikante, HDN, Doreanse, Ergowear and more!

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