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Here are a collection of websites that we have either shopped at, participated in or are fans of. We will update this from time to time and you may want to check these websites out too. - We are big animal lovers here at and dogs have a special place in our hearts. Check out iheartdogs for blog posts, stories, to shop and more. - We love If you are looking to adopt a dog, cat or other animal, definitely go to They specialize in showcasing animals from many many dog/cat animal rescue agencies. It really is best to adopt from a rescue. Adopt, don't shop. There are so many to choose, you will find the dog or cat your are looking for. We here at yummy look actually found our rescue dog from a little over 2 years ago. He is a great dog and so many are looking for loving forever homes. Search today!


Knockaround - Knockaround is a great brand of sunglasses of all great styles and prices points. Actually they are very reasonably priced! We have a couple of pairs here at yummylook that we love and we plan to add a couple more. Definitely worth a look, from polarized to goggles they have the sunglasses for you. In fact any pair of their sunglasses and any of our beachwear is a great combo to start out with! - We here at yummylook have used this fabulous site to send and ship awesome gift baskets. So many choices to choose for any occasion, and a great compliment to any of your yummy look orders for that extra special moment. From the start, gift tree has focused on top quality products and keepsake containers brought together to create delightful packages.


Def Leppard - What can we say other than we love Def Leppard, one of our favorite bands here at and we always having them on the radio in our offices and most every where else. We love rock and classic rock music, along with other genres of music. But Rock is our first choice. Check them out from the earliest to their latest if you've not heard them before. 

Mecum Auctions - Along with feeling and looking yummy we believe cars can give you that same feeling or impression. And we also love classic and specialty cars. There are many auction houses around the country and Mecum is one of the larger ones that auctions cars from the lower end to the high end and everything in between. We love to see classics still on the road and enjoyed. If you are looking to get into the hobby, definitely check out a Mecum auction near you.

Smashthatlens - is here to introduce a huge perception turnaround to anyone wanting to change their life physically, mentally and spiritually. They dive into all aspects of your mind and body. By assessing the Central Nervous system to find the root of the problem and all its surrounding counterparts to provide pain relief and healing.

ASPCA - Hey we love animals here at yummylook. So if you have it in your heart and can spare a few dollars here and there to help save, rescue and take care of the animals the aspca looks after, the animals will thank you for it and so do we. 

Sailing Doodles - Here's a video channel we just happened to stumble upon and found it to be well done and interesting. If you enjoy boats, beautiful scenery, beautiful women, two great dogs and a knowledgeable boat owner, where you may find you even can learn a thing or two, definitely give this channel a shot. It may even lure you into the same lifestyle!